CMC? 证书 Certificate



CMC? Certificate can be used in all member countries in global and is issued by the International Consulting Association and the Certified Management Consultants Association jointly. It is the most widely and authoritatively used as the professional level certificate in management and consulting industry so far. It represents the holder possesses the certain level capacity on professional consulting and operation practice.
Generally, CMC? Certificate is used to promoted to a senior manager in an enterprise and sign the management consulting projects (including tenders), to set up a consulting firm, to prove the ability on management consulting issues and to get more employment opportunities. Furthermore, it is used to recommend the consulting projects, to join the CMC club and to continue studying and training.

EN 英文证书(样本)
Certificate Sample (English) CMC Certificate english
中文 中文证书(样本)
Certificate Sample (Chinese) CMC中文证书

最高荣誉资格 The highest honor qualifications

The most authoritatively and widely used

Management Center and Global Search System

CMC? 管理中心及全球查询系统

" 提供证书编号、姓名、专属网址、二维码等多种查询和验证模式
Offers a variety of search mode including certificate number, name, vip website, two-dimensional code, etc. " (中文) (全球)


查验 Search a CMC
" 国家顶级域名,唯一的、容易识别的官网,保障会员信息真实性和不被伪造 is unique and easily to identify, in order to guarantee all member's infomation authenticity and not to be imitated. " (中文) (全球)


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